What to eat in Autumn / Qué comer en otoño

Hey pixels!! Every season has its own seasonal veggies and fruits: fresh and full of vitamins. Autumn is not an exception to that rule. So, now we can enjoy the next ones. Grab your tote bag and go to the nearest farmers market: it’s time to start cooking!!

figat 1

Eating seasonal veggies it’s not only delicious. They are fresh and healthy, and they can be used in a lot of wonderful recipes. Also, it’s more environmentally-friendly, it’s cheaper and the products tend to be local, so you avoid overseas contamination. Oh, and the taste is incredible!!

Here is a list of Autumn seasonal products (and a bonus: a complete menu made out of them):

  • Grapes / Uvas
  • Pumpkin / Calabaza
  • Spinach and chard / Espinaca y acelgas
  • Cabbage /Col
  • Chestnuts / Castañas
  • Khaki / Caquis
  • Tangerine / Mandarinas
  • Pears / Peras
  • Apples / Manzanas
  • Pomegranates / Granadas

And now, a couple of recipe suggestions to use this nice seasonal veggies. Enjoy them now, they will be better than ever!!

  1. Starter: Vegan pumpkin soup (only 5 ingredients)

la foto 4

2. Main dish: Spinach & goat cheese pizza


3. Dessert: Apple pie


What do you think about my Autumn menu, my happy pixels? Do you have one? Do you buy seasonal products? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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