Guest post: my experiences as a vegetarian person.

Hey pixels!! As you may know, this is a blog full of vegan and vegetarian recipes. So, when my friends at Instinto Verde asked me if I could write a guest post explaining my personal experiences as a vegetarian person, I was so happy, because I’ve never talked here about this subject.

Hey pixels!! Como ya sabéis, este es un blog en el que, entre otras cosas, os cuento mis recetas vegetarianas o veganas. Por ello, cuando mis amigos de Instinto Verde me preguntaron si podía escribir este post contando mis experiencias personales, me alegré mucho, ya que es un tema que no he tocado aún en el blog.

vegan tacos 1

Actually I am not a really strict vegetarian, and I’ve never thought about becoming vegan. But I believe in a plant based diet . To respect animals and environment.

La verdad es que no soy una vegetariana muy estricta, y de momento no me he planteado abrazar el veganismo, pero si que estoy a favor de una dieta basada en los vegetales. Por respeto a los animales y por el medio ambiente.

This is why my blog is about vegetarian recipes. I think there is a lot of people who don’t know that you can make a great variety of delicious meat free dishes.

Por ello mi blog trata solamente de recetas vegetarianas, ya que creo que mucha gente no sabe que en realidad se puede preparar una gran variedad de platos deliciosos que no incluyan carne.

tomato sauce 1

This is one of the comments people has made made me since I don’t eat meat. If I miss eating it or what I eat. I think they believe that I eat salad three times every day. That’s not true, as you may know, my happy pixels.

Esta es una de las cosas que más me han comentado desde que dejé la carne. Si la echo de menos o que como. Creo que la gente que me hace esta pregunta piensa que como ensalada tres veces al día. Nada más lejos; como ya sabéis, mis felices pixels.

One funny comment I heard often is: “you don’t know what you’re missing”. Does this people know that I haven’t been vegetarian all my life?

Una cosa que encuentro divertida es cuando me dicen: “no sabes lo que te pierdes”. ¿Ya sabe esta gente que no he sido vegetariana toda la vida, verdad?

I’ve been lucky. Despite some punctual complainings or commentars, my family and friends have supported me in my decision of changing my diet. For me, the most difficult part was leaving aside dishes with minced meat (like canneloni or meatballs), because they were my favourite. But then, I discovered wonderful meat substitutes. I think the trick to become a vegetarian person is to go slowly. I started trying different meat free recipes, and I stopped eating meat slowly. Before I could realize, the process was finished. I found myself eating even a wider variety of recipes, and all of them were wonderful.

He tenido suerte, ya que, a pesar de algunas quejas puntuales o de comentarios como “ya se te pasará esta manía”, mi familia y amigos me apoyaron en mi decisión al cambiar de dieta. Para mí, lo más difícil fue dejar de comer platos que tuvieran carne picada (canelones, albóndigas…), puesto que eran mis favoritos. Hasta que descubrí sus alternativas. Creo que el truco para vegetarianizar tu dieta es ir despacio, a tu ritmo. Yo fui probando diferentes recetas y dejé la carne despacito. Sin darme cuenta, el proceso ya estaba hecho. Me encontré comiendo incluso una variedad de recetas superior a la de antes, y me gustaban todas.

casserole 2

Another tip is not to follow every food trend. Every food has its benefits, beyond trends. Not just because everyone is eating oats or quinoa that means you have to use it in all your recipes. For example, I don’t like oats so much.

Otro consejo es el de no seguir las modas alimenticias. Todos los alimentos tienen sus beneficios, más allá de las modas. No porque la avena o la quinoa sean lo último significa que tengas que ponerlas en todos los platos que cocines. A mí, por ejemplo, no me gusta mucho la avena.

If you want, you can (like everything else). Oh, and you should start thinking a cool explanation, because you’re going to hear: “why exactly are you doing this?”.

Al final, es como todo: si se quiere, se puede. Y ten a mano una explicación ingeniosa, porque te vas a hartar de oír: “¿Y por qué lo haces exactamente?”

Are you vegetarian, my happy pixels? I give you all my support for making the transition (if you want; it’s up to you).

Espero que os vaya bien si os animais a vegetarianizar vuestra dieta, mis felices pixels. ¡Os doy todo mi apoyo!



  1. I’ve been vegetarian since I was a kid so my experience is different from those who grew up eating (and loving) meat. I’ve never liked it and as a kid refused to eat it, based solely on texture and taste. As I grew up and learned about the ethics of the meat industry and have seen how animals are treated it reinforced that I didn’t want to support the meat industry. But because I never did, there was so transition period and it was really easy. I have recently become more vegan than vegetarian as I also hate eggs and milk, and have noticed that a lot of vegetarian recipes are still egg and cream based which personally grosses me out. Cheese is the last hurdle for me and I eat it occasionally but for the most part am vegan at this point! I agree with your idea of changing slowly as that’s what I did with veganism; whenever I baked at home I would use egg replacers and vegan margarine in place of traditional ones, then as I got better at cooking for myself switched out the cream and cheeses from other recipes. Eventually I had good alternatives for everything and now it’s straightforward. I’m the only vegetarian in my family and I don’t think my parents even understand what a vegan even is… but I love it haha. Thanks for this article!!


    • Thanks, it’s nice to hear from other vegetarian people. Here in my family I’m the only one, too. At the moment I think I can’t live without eggs and cheese, I love cheese… maybe someday…
      I did my change slowly because, you know, when you leave suddenly to make something, it’s harder…
      I’m glad you’ve liked my post. Thanks for your comment, my happy pixel 🙂

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