How to roast peppers

Hey pixels!! Today recipe is a simple one. But it can be used for multiple purposes: soups, salads… Roasted peppers. Who doesn’t love them? I do. And trust me, my happy pixels: this ones, roasted at home, are better than the canned version.


Maybe it takes a bit of time, but it’s an easy job. It’s worth the effort, my happy pixels. I think this is a recipe everyone should try at least once. You can buy lots of peppers, roast them and keep them on your freezer. So, next time you just have to defrost and use. Simple as that!!

I use red peppers because they are my favourites, but you can use green or yellow peppers, or more than one kind of pepper at the same time.


  • 7 large red peppers
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, olive oil


Preheat oven at 190ºC. Place your peppers in  two baking sheets.

Bake peppers for about 40′. Remove them from the oven; place them in a closed container. This will essentially steam the peppers and make the skins much easier to remove.

Once peppers are cool enough, peel them. Remove seeds and cut them into long stripes.

After that, cook your pepper stripes in olive oil and salt for 5-7′. This way they’ll be ready to use for your favourite pepper recipe.

May I suggest a tofu & peppers rice salad?

Note: you can freeze the peppers and use them later.

Do you roast peppers at home, my happy pixels? Are you going to make it now? Please, let me know in the comments below.


  • 7 pimientos rojos, grandes
  • aceite de oliva, 1/2 cucharadita de sal


Precalienta el horno a 190ºC.

Dispón los pimientos en dos bandejas de horno; hornéalos durante 40′.

Al sacarlos del horno, mételos en una olla tapada mientras enfrían. El vapor hará que luego sea más fácil pelarlos.

Una vez estén fríos, pela los pimientos, quita las semillas y córtalos en tiras.

Después de esto, cuécelos con aceite de oliva y un poco de sal durante 5-7′. De este modo estarán listos para que los uses en tu receta con pimientos asados favorita. ¿Puedo sugerir una ensalada de tofu y pimientos?

Nota: podéis congelar los pimientos ya cocidos y usarlos más adelante.

¿Asáis pimientos en casa, mis felices pixels? ¿Lo vais a probar ahora? ¿Nos dejáis un comentario?



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