How to make tomato sauce for all winter

Hey pixels!! The story of this recipe started when my aunt gave me a buck full of fresh tomatos from her urban garden. Actually, they were for my mom, but she doesn’t like cooking, so I at the end, it was me who made all that sauce.

This is a cool way of using tomatos. You can seal your mason jars, so the sauce it’s still good several months later. It’s a bit of work, but it’s worth the effort. This sauce it’s better than a store bought one, and you can use it in a great number of different recipes, for example tofuballs or as a sauce for your pizzas.


  • fresh tomatos (I’ve used 2,500g). I didn’t add salt or oil because this way you have a plain sauce that you can adapt to any recipe you want to make with it.


Peel and chop your tomatos. Put them in a big saucepan and cook them for a while, until they become soft and tender, about 45-50′.

Blend. Cook again on low heat until they start boiling. Now it’s time to pour your sauce on mason jars. Fill them, and then, use a double boiler to seal them. Just boil your jars until they are firmly closed, about 30′. Allow water cool to room temperature before removing the jars. Make sure that all of them are well closed.

Do you make your own sauces at home, my happy pixels? Do you make enough for a couple of months? Please, let me know in the comments below.

tomato sauce 4


  • tomates frescos (yo he usado sobre 2,500g). No he añadido sal o aceite porque de este modo obtienes una salsa básica que puedes adaptar a cualquier receta que quieras hacer con ella.


Pela y corta en trozos los tomates. Ponlos en una olla grande y cocínalos durante un buen rato, hasta que, sobre’.

Tritura. Ponlos otra vez al fuego, y cuece a fuego lento hasta que empiece a hervir. Entonces, llena los tarros de cristal. Finalmente, hiervelos al baño Maria hasta que se cierren herméticamente, sobre unos 30′. Espera a que el agua enfríe antes de sacar los tarros. Asegúrate de que estén bien sellados.

¿Hacéis vuestras propias salsas en casa, mis felices pixels? ¿Las ponéis en conserva para que os duren más tiempo? Podéis dejar un comentario.




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