Tumbet (a vegan salad)

Hey pixels!! This is the fourth week of recipes from my island!! A whole month since I started this section… I can’t believe it. And I still have more recipes to share with you, my happy pixels.

tombet 4

I’ve learnt today’s recipe from my dad. He always cook this salad when we eat it at home. Not today: it was my turn to make it. All for you, my pixels. 😉

It’s an easy recipe. You can make it the day before eating it, it will be ok if you keep in the fridge. Better in a closed container.

It’s perfect as a main dish for dinner, or as a starter for lunch. We usually eat it for lunch, but it’s up to you, my happy pixels. I hope you’ll enjoy it!!


  • 3 potatos, peeled and cubed
  • 2 red peppers, cubed
  • 2 green peppers, cubed
  • 2 eggplants, cubed + another eggplant, sliced to decorate
  • salt, olive oil, 4 fresh laurel leaves


Fry (in olive oil) all your veggies together (not the sliced eggplant). If your saucepan is too small, use two or fry them in two times. They should be cooking around 45-60′. Add laurel leaves, this would add a nice taste to your veggies.

Pour fried veggies in a big dish and allow them to cool. While, fry in the same oil the eggplant slices. Use them to decorate your dish.

Eat warm or cold.

Do you eat cold veggie salads at home? What’s your favourite salad recipe? Please, let me know in the comments below.


  • 3 patatas, peladas y cortadas en cubos
  • 2 berenjenas, en cubos + otra berenjena, laminada
  • 2 pimientos rojos, en cubos
  • 2 pimientos verdes, en cubos
  • sal, aceite de oliva, 4 hojas de laurel


Freir (en aceite de oliva) todas las verduras juntas (menos la berenjena laminada). Si vuestra paella es demasiado pequeña, podéis hacerlo en dos veces. Deberían estar cociendo alrededor de 45-60′. Añadir las hojas de laurel al cocer, esto añadirá un agradable sabor a las verduras.

Deposita las verduras cocidas en una fuente y déjalas enfriar. Mientras, en el mismo aceite, fríe las láminas de berenjena. Úsalas para decorar tu plato.

Come templado o frío. 

¿Coméis ensaladas frías de verduras en casa? ¿Cual es vuestra receta de ensalada favorita? Podéis dejar un comentario.


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