Oli i aigua (vegan soup)

Hey pixels!! It’s Monday, and this means it’s time for another recipe from my town!! Are you excited?? I understand it… This week it’s a soup recipe. Yes, I know: it’s a soup, you eat it warm, it’s Summer… But it’s a Summer recipe, trust me, my happy pixels. Now it’s when tomatos are best, and tomatos are the main ingredient of this soup. To make it, you should use natural, organic, fresh veggies, you’ll notice it’s much tastier if the quality of your ingredients is good.

soup 2

This is also one of my favourite Summer recipes. It’s 100% vegan, and this is strange here. Most of our recipes are full of meat, even desserts (we tend to use animal lard instead of butter or margarine). So being a vegetarian person, I have to change most of the local recipes I make. This is an obstacle for this section, too… 😦

But don’t worry, my happy pixels. I still have more recipes to share with you, so the section will continue.

Last Summer I post a video of this recipe on Youtube. Then, I forgot completely the existence of my own Youtube channel…. Sad, but true… If you want to see it, click here.

There are more recipes on my channel, if you’re interested. It’s called, obviously, the happiest pixel. Now I remember its existence. More videos are coming… Hooray!!

You can eat it both ways (with or without all the veggies).

Ingredients (use more or less depending on the amount of soup you want to make):

  • tomatos
  • onions
  • green bell peppers
  • thin white bread slices
  • water, olive oil, salt


Chop all your veggies, add olive oil and salt.

Cook for 45-60′, stirring constantly.

Cover with water. Add some salt if needed.

Heat your soup on low heat (soup shouldn’t boil).

Put some bread slices on your dish; cover them with soup. Enjoy!!

Do you eat soup on Summer? Do you know a special recipe? Please, let me know in the comments below.

If you want to share some photos of your Summer soups on our Instagram, you can use the hashtag #thehappiestpixel.

Ingredientes (en mas o menos cantidad dependiendo de la cantidad de sopa que queráis):

  • tomates
  • cebollas
  • pimientos verdes
  • agua, aceite de oliva, sal
  • láminas finas de pan seco


Cortad las verduras; cocedlas con sal y aceite de oliva durante 45-60′.

Cubrir con agua; añadid más sal si es necesario.

Calentad la sopa a fuego lento, sin que llegue a hervir.

Cubrir vuestro plato con pan; verted la sopa encima. Disfrutad.

Os recuerdo que podéis mirar el vídeo de la receta en este enlace. Así lo veréis mejor.

¿Coméis sopa en verano, mis felices pixels? ¿Conocéis alguna receta que sea especial para vosotros? Podéis dejarnos un comentario o colgar una foto en Instagram. Usad el hashtag #thehappiestpixel.

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