My DIY weekend project 18: my bedroom redecoration (after) + how to paint a pegboard

Hey pixels, I’ve finished my decoration project for my bedroom!!! Hooray!!! It’s been a while since I started it, but I haven’t had enough time to finish it until now…. Well, it was ready last week, but I had another project finished, so my bedroom has waited a week more πŸ™‚

Do you remember how it was at the beginning?? And all the process? Below you have the links to all the small DIY’s I’ve made on this big project.

How to draw a floor plan

How to declutter a room

How to choose a colour for your bedroom

My bedroom decor progress (photos)

And, of course, the photos of the final result.

And the last DIY: I’ve put a pegboard on one of the walls for vertical storage. Since my bedroom it’s so small, I always need more room for my stuff… A pegboard is perfect for this purpose: cute and functional.

DIY18 4

Making this DIY can’t be easier.

You will need:

  • 1 pegboard
  • Yellow spray paintΒ (or whatever colour you prefer). I used 2 cans
  • a big piece of plastic or something similar to protect the wall while you’re painting



Security first. Protect the zone where you’re going to paint with plastic, newspapers, an old blanket… Be sure you are not going to paint where you don’t want to…

Put the pegboard on position.

Time to paint. Following the can instructions spray all over your pegboard.

Allow to dry and apply a second prime. Be sure all the pegboard is well covered with paint and that the paint has no imperfections.

This time, when it’s dry you can hang it on your wall. Follow the instructions on your pegboard to do it.


And it’s done!! Now you can hang whatever you want on it!! I put a basket, my hot glue gun… Useful and cute. This yellow is bright and cheerful, don’t you think?? I love how it goes with the blue and white walls…

Do you like the final result of my project, my happy pixels? Have you changed anything on your houses lately?? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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