My DIY weekend project 17: photo coloring project

Hey pixels, did you know that coloring images is a great way to relax yourself after a hard day???

For this reason, today’s DIY is all about coloring!! We all need to relax.. And after finishing with colours, you can easily use this master pieces to make something even better!!


Ideas: you can turn your coloured photos into wall art, or you can use them to make a scrapbooking photo album. And  what about making the photo album without having coloured the photos? You could print and draw romantic photos with your crush and give him/her the album as a Valentine’s Day present, for him/her colour the pictures!!! It’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it?


You will need:

  • your favorite photos, printed (it’s better in black & white, but in colour is ok too)
  • To draw and colour: pencil, eraser, sharpies and coloured pencils
  • printer
  • tape
  • optional: scrapbooking set (you can find one on Amazon)



Choose your favorites photos. If you don’t have them printed, print them now. It’s better in black & white (they will be easier to trace).
Tape the printed photo to a white sheet of printer paper and use the window glass to transfer the image (look at the photo to see how).



Go over your pencil markings with a thin Sharpie and let dry. Once is dry, go over your entire traced image with an eraser to get rid of the visible pencil markings.

It’s time to colour!!! You can choose to use the same colours as in the picture or change them!!


When finished, you can use your master pieces as a wall art, or you can use them to make that scrapbook album.

Are you going to try this DIY, my happy pixels?? Do you make any presents for Valentine’s Day?? Please, let me know in the comments below.



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