Christmas tree chocolate cupcakes

Hey pixels, it’s only two days for Christmas!!! Can you believe it? Here we are so excited for the party: all the presents, food, sweets, champagne and table games!!!


But also today I’m having a lot of work cooking and having all the stuff done. So, when I was asked to make a little “sweet, edible” gift to give to my cousins, I thought about easy recipes… Like this one. You all know the recipe for the chocolate cake, I’ve used it before here. And, due to lack of time, I’ve used a store bought frosting (usually I do it at home, really).

Actually is just a little detail that goes with the real gift. It’s cute because they look like small and sweet Christmas trees. Oh, and they can’t be easier to make.


You can make the amount of cupcakes you need and use them as a dessert or as a small gift for your guests or familiy/friends. Also, you can give all of them to the same person as a white elephant gift. The options are endless, lol.


Ingredients (makes about 8):

  • chocolate cupcakes (you can read the recipe here)
  • 1 can (400g) vanilla frosting
  • Green gel food colouring (add a few drops each time until you have the desired colour)
  • 1 box mini lacasitos



Make the cupcakes acording to the recipe in the link above. Allow them to cool completely before frosting. You can make the cakes the day before if it’s possible; if not, just wait a few hours.

Colour the frosting; pour it into a ziplock bag and use it to frost the cupcakes.

Decorate using the mini lacasitos. Display them on the frosting as if they were tree ornaments.


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