DIY (coffee) place cards (and a bonus)

Hey pixels, I’m sure you know my love for a good and warm cup of coffee… you can have a look at my Instagram… lol

Also I love hand writing and calligraphy. Guess what’s better than this two things separated? You guessed it right, my happy pixels: coffee calligraphy!!!! Can this be real? Of course it can!!!


This year I’ve made this wonderful (and full of cafeine) place cards. To make your own ones you’ll need:

  • Coffee
  • A calligraphy pen
  • Paper or cartuline


Make them can’t be easier. First, make your coffee.

Next, you cut the cards out of your paper (mine were about 11×6 cm).

Tip: it’s even easier to make good letters if you write them first using a pencil. This way you only have to write above using the coffee as ink.

Wait for the coffee to dry.

Ready!!! Now you can distribute your beautiful cards on the table.

What to eat (bonus):

May I help you even more with a few food suggestions?

Vegan Christmas soup // Vegan cauliflower soup

Vegetable lassagna // Mini vegetable quiches

Rice with milk // Microwave nougat flan

Hey, of course I have more recipes you can use!!! Feel free to cook them; and, of course, to share a picture of your version here!!! 😉

(But remember to link your posts with this site, please)



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