DIY cough syrup

Hey pixels, I have a cold these days…. that’s the reason I haven’t post in a few days… I’m starting to feel better now but I’m still coughing.

(Note: photos are from the first time I did this syrup; I apologise for not having more recent ones, my happy pixels).


Through the years and through my colds I’ve tried a lot of diferent cough syrups, but none of them has worked well on me: when I’ve finished all the syrup I’m usually still coughing.

But one day, last year, someone told me about this natural syrup. I tried it, and surprise, it works!!! I couldn’t believe it.

This DIY syrup has some advantatges too: it works, is cheap, is based on natural ingredients and you can do it at home in less than 30′ using ingredients you always have in your pantry.

You should keep the syrup in a glass jar or bottle, and into the fridge. It last about 3-4 days.


The best way to take it is: 2-3 times a day fill a small glass and heat it about 30-50” in the microwave; it’s more effective if you drink it warm. And its flavour is great. Did I mention this yet? Another advantatge over the chemical ones: most of them taste horrible…


  • 15-20 tablespoons honey
  • 500ml water
  • 2 tablespoons fresh thyme
  •  the juice of 1/2 lemon


Boil the water and the thyme as you were making an infusion (for 10-15′)

Remove thyme; allow to cool and then, add honey and lemon. Stirr and transfer to a glass container or bottle. Keep in the fridge.

And voilà, it’s done!!! That easy!!




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