My DIY weekend project 12: a 2016 calendar (free printable)

Hey pixels, are you ready to start a new year? It’s exciting, isn’t it? 365 bright new days to full with joy and happiness. No, wait, this is time is 366 days!! We even have an extra day!!! 24 hours more to fill with exciting stuff to do…

So I’m sure all of you, my happy pixels, will have a lot of events, partys and celebrations all over the year. It will be difficult to remember all of them… But don’t worry, here is the cutest (and free) calendar ever. Oh, did I mention I’ve made it specially for you, my pixels??? OMG

You can download it here. I hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

generย febrerย marรงย abrilย maigย junyย juliolย agostย setembreย octubreย novย desembre

PS. Sorry, yesterday I publish this post (unfinished) for a few minutes. It wasn’t, obviously, the good version. Now it’s finished, ย enjoy it.




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