My DIY weekend project 11: a mini bag

Hey pixels, did you know I can make future predictions with my tarot cards? I even have a tarot Gig at Fiverr…

Link to my site

Yes, I know it’s in Spanish, but you can make me your question and tell me a bit about yourself in English, I’ll answer in the same time. Just in case, I’m working on the gig translation too, soon there will be an English version πŸ˜‰

Don’t be afraid to ask, my lovely pixels. I’m sure all of you have a great future.

But where is the weekend DIY? I’m sure you’re asking yourselves this question right now? πŸ˜‰ It’s here, don’t worry…

The real DIY of the week: I keep my cards organized in my own home made cute mini bag… It’s not a complicated to make bag, so everyone can make it at home in (really) less than 20′!!! How great is this?

Oh, you can use your bag to storage whatever you want, not only tarot cards, of course… And you can make it bigger or smaller, depending on how big it’s what you need to storage inside your bag. Only remember to measure your object accurately and be sure of the measures you’ve taken before cutting your fabric… That’s important, I know it πŸ˜‰

You’ll need:

  • a sewing machine
  • fabric
  • yarn (in a colour that matches the fabric)
  • a pencil or taylors chalk
  • scissors


How to make it:

Trust me, it’s a really easy process that requires only basic sewing skills (mine are more or less basic, lol). If I make it, you can make it, really.

First, measure. Remember, as I said before: measure twice, cut once. Using the chalk, draw a square a bit bigger than your cards, to make sure all your carts fit together in the bag. Make two. Cut.

Next step: sew where is indicated on the photo below. Please, remember you should not close the fourth side of your bag (where the yarn goes); in this side you only have to sew a cm. of fabric to be sure the yarn it’s always on its place.

bag paint


You can add the yarn before or after sewing the top of the bag; it’s up to you. I did it after.

I know it’s not a complicated craft, but I’m just starting to sew :), so I need easy projects; and it’s all done in less than 20′, so it’s perfect for that times when you’re just a little bored, and you don’t want to start anything big…

Are you going to try this DIY? You can share photos of your results, if the answer is yes!! πŸ˜‰



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