My DIY weekend project 8: how to declutter a room

Hey pixels, do you remember last weekend project? Yes, I know you do!! I’m going to redecorate my bedroom 😉 This morning I’ve been looking at all the stuff I have there, and suddenly I realised I really don’t need or use half of this things.

Well, a room redecoration is the perfect excuse to declutter and to get rid off all this unnecessary things. It’s perfect, because if I don’t need any of them, I don’t have an excuse to keep them any more. Oh, and because with the new furniture rearrengement I’m losing some storage space…

I know there isn’t a magical way to declutter, but through my life I’ve changed a couple of times from one house to another, and I know a couple of tricks that help decluttering easier. They are good for me, I hope you like it too if one day you’ll need them 🙂

The happiest pixel tricks to declutter:

Clear a big working space; this time will be the bed.

Don’t do all the room at the same time, go slowly, step by step. First one drawer, then another… It’s easier if you don’t see all your stuff at the same time.

Pull everything out of the zone you’re decluttering and distribute on your working space.

Now it’s time to distribute this objects in two piles: one for the stuff you want to keep at home and another for the ones you’re going to ged rid off. Put back the first on their place, and the second in a box. I highly recommend to you to donate or recycle this things.

To decide which stuff I put on one pile or another, I ask myself this questions: Do I use this object? When was the last time I used it? If you haven’t used something for months (excluding seasonal items, like clothes), then probably you won’t use them again. So it’s time to donate it.

When you’re finished with this particular section (drawer or shelf), start with the next. Simply repeat until you’ve decluttered all the room.

And that’s all. 😉

I know it’s easy, but I find it boring and stressful. So my last recommendation is: take it easy. You don’t have to finish it in one day, take your time if you can…

And if you get stressed, take a rest. Maybe after having a walk or going to your favourite café to have a wonderful capuccino, you’ll feel more motivated to continue…

And you? Do you have any trick to declutter your house, my lovely and happy pixels? Please, let me know in the comments below


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