My DIY weekend project 5: tassel wall hanging decor

Hey pixels, it’s time to DIY!! Now it’s Autumn, we should change a bit our home decoration, maybe with a little help of our DIY skills…. This wall decor it’s really easy to make and it gives your bedroom, living room (or whatever place in the house) a cozy and warm ??

CIMG0111 CIMG0110

And, of course, once you know how to make a tassel, you can include them in other decorative projects, such as decorating a blanket or a pillow. They are great and really easy to make.

You’ll need:


  • 1 branch (I collect mine during my walk to the beach last Sunday)
  • scissors
  • yarn (in different colours)


First, gather your materials. Once you have them all, the first step is making the tassels. Feel free to choose the amount of tassels you want, their colours and the quality of the yarn you use… To see how I made them, you can watch this tutorial.

Well, now you must attach your tassels to the branch.

CIMG0108 CIMG0106

And the last step, my dear pixels. Using white yarn (or another colour): cut a piece of the yarn and tie on both sides of the branch.

Ready!! You see? Now you can hang your new wall decor whenever you prefer… Do you like mine?


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