Productivity tips + bonus (free printable) :)

Hey pixels, it’s just me or you too have a lot of things to do lately? My day sometimes isn’t long enough, I need more than 24 hours. But I have my little tricks to fix this. One of them is: I divide my tasks in small parts, so I can concentrate in those parts instead of getting stressed thinking in how big is all I must do. Usually I focus on 3 tasks every day: they must be done. And I establish 3 optional (smaller) tasks just in case I have enough time to do them. (But there are optional, remember, it doesn’t matter if you just make the first ones.)

This is my first tip. The second one is: you should write somewhere your daily tasks. I know there are a lot of apps to do that, but I still prefer a paper list, like this one:

la foto 2

You can download it for free here:Β to do printable. πŸ˜‰

My third tip is the best: after you’ve done all your planned stuff, you should reward yourself doing something you love to do. It can be everything: buying that new book, having a coffee with someone special or simply treating yourself with something sweet. May I suggest a chocolate popsicleΒ or aΒ french toast?

How you organize yourself? Please, let me know in the comments below.


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