My weekend DIY project 1

Hey pixels, today I’m starting a new blog section: DIY weekends!! Because at weekend we all have more time to have fun!!!! My first project is related with all the previous posts on this happy blog: cooking. Like all you know, it’s great being at the kitchen, making cakes, frying tofu and all that stuff, but let’s face it: the fun is over if you ruin forever your favorite shirt… (sad face).

For this reason, I have lots of aprons. But this is the first I’ve ever tried to make at home. I’m not Β good at sewing, so if I managed to finish the project, trust me, you can do it too. (happy face)

la foto 1

You’ll need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric: a square of about 65×65 cm and two 60 cm long stripes. (This measure is good for me, 160 cm tall).
  • Scissors

Ready? Do you have all the supplies? Then, it’s time to start…

First, cut a small triangle on three of the four sides. It should look like this

Apron 1

Fold the edges. Pin and sew.

Fold in half your first stripe. Sew around its four sides. Pin on the top of your apron: be sure you can take it on and off easily. Sew.


Cut in half your second stripe. Again, sew around the sides. Pin this two stripes at the sides of your apron. They should be long enough to tie them up around your waist.

CIMG0020 CIMG0021

And well, it’s done πŸ˜‰ Now you can cook. (dont’ forget to take a look at my beautiful recipes).

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